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Pro-Fit Hot & Cold Water System


Pro-Fit Hot & Cold Water System

Reaching new heights of delivery

In recent years, Joburg has been on a drive to regenerate its inner city to better accommodate its current and future residents.
As part of this huge regeneration strategy, a number of old and dilapidated high rise buildings are being completely stripped and converted into living apartments in areas such as Braamfontein, Joubert Park, Yeoville and Doornfontein.

During construction, there were a number of factors that would influence the successful completion of each and every project, one of which was the choice of plumbing system. Operating in areas where the crime rate is high, copper parts had to be ruled out due to theft risks on site. Pro-fit is helping to reduce those risks by offering a polymer-based range of products that make up the hot and cold water system for multi-storey buildings.


Marley was initially involved in the project to convert a 17 storey building from copper to Pro-fit. The success of this particular project led them to secure a contract for the next building to be renovated, a 29 storey behemoth that would serve over 450 living apartments. Providing hot and cold water to the upper floors of high rise buildings like this is a fundamental requirement and the main challenge for plumbing system engineers who must consider a number of variables such as available municipal water pressure, flow demand, pipe and valve materials, riser locations, pressure regulating stations not to mention economics and even acoustics

Download the full PRO-FIT HOT & COLD WATER SYSTEM Case Study


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