Streamline Double-Flo Gutter System - Marley Pipe Systems
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Streamline Double-Flo® Gutter System

The Marley Streamline Double-Flo® Gutter System offers a clean, uncluttered, square profiled gutterline with concealed brackets featuring an elastomer sealing system.

Gutter and fittings

Gutter is extruded in long lengths affording economical installation. Fittings are injection moulded ensuring uniform shape, close tolerances and compatibility with gutters. Gutter, downpipe and fittings are self-coloured white with a smooth glossy.


The Marley Streamline Double-Flo® System are SABS 11 approved and carries a 10-year warranty, provided installations conform to Marley’s instructions.

streamline cross section

Time qualified features such as an elastomeric gutter sealing system allow watertight joints to be made quickly and generously radiussed outlets and gutter angles ensure that optimum flow has been retained. Neat square downpipes are standard for the Streamline Double-Flo® series.


Features & Benefits of Streamline Double-Flo® Gutter Systems

Ease of Installation

Contractors enjoy the ease with which installations may be undertaken and the increased productivity this offers.

  • Easily handled and transported due to low mass and resilience
  • Easily cut
  • Simplified jointing
  • Clean to work with
  • No expensive tooling or equipment required

The system is resilient and offers high resistance to impact. As a result, site breakages and other failures are minimal.


Specifiers, engineers, contractors and property owners alike can rest assured knowing that the Marley gutter systems conform to the relevant South African National Standard and bear the SABS mark. Marley’s commitment to quality and safety has all extrusions and components manufactured in an ISO9001 accredited facility.

Performance and Aesthetics

Marley Streamline Double-Flo® PVC-U rainwater systems are white in colour with a smooth finish. The system offers corrosion resistance (unaffected by surface scratches) and excellent flow rates. Completed installations are neat in appearance and will offer many years of use under normal operating conditions.

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