Marley Grease Traps | Marley PVC Waste Trap Grease Traps
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Marley Grease Traps

The grease trap’s seamless, leak-proof construction is designed to last, making it the ideal grease trap for commercial kitchens in restaurants as well as hotels, lodges and other foodservice applications.

The Marley grease trap (also known as grease interceptors or ‘fat traps’), complete with solids basket, is injection moulded in engineered copolymer thermoplastics, offering superior innovation in complete FOG (Fats, Oil & Grease) management.


Grease accumulation causes sewer blockages and overflows which can cause major health and safety risks to you, your employees, your customers and the general public.  Marley’s grease traps provide restaurant operators and hotel/lodge owners with the best value and performance and is guaranteed for 10 years.  All Marley grease trap models use a patented baffle system to enhance grease separation performance at low flow rates.


Marley’s grease trap is available in a selection of sizes to suit the specific needs of our foodservice application and settings, including applications with French drain pipes.  Unparalleled durability and the ability to withstand continuous use in operating temperatures of up to 104°C also ensure that these grease traps will handle the demanding conditions of any commercial kitchen.

Marley Grease Trap Infographci

10 Year Extended Warranty


The superior design and strength of the Marley grease trap allows us to guarantee that the Marley grease trap will not peel, rust or warp.  A warranty card must be submitted to Marley Pipe Systems within 30 days of the installation date, in order to be eligible for this extended warranty.

  • 92% plus solids captured in kitchen drain management
  • Airtight seal to contain offensive odours and overflow
  • Lightweight, compact and durable grease management solution for commercial kitchens
  • Cost-effective and reliable system
  • Can withstand temperatures of up to 104°C
  • Flexibility of installation – can be installed in-floor, on-floor, or semi-recessed
  • Removable baffles, solids basket and filter screen for easy maintenance of your kitchen or restaurant grease trap
  • Availability of spares

Features & Benefits of the Marley Grease Trap

Easy to Install

The grease trap design of the Marley Grease Trap allows a simple and fast retrofit of existing installations, including French drainage systems.

Improved Grease Separation

Thermoplastic construction provides the Marley Grease Trap with superior thermal properties, resulting in enhanced grease separation.

Airtight Seal Contains Offensive Odours

A silicone foam gasket forms an airtight seal between the cover and tank which prevents odours from polluting your restaurant, hotel or lodge.


The Marley Grease Trap provides the best combination of lightweight and strength owing to the tank, baffles and lid, which are all constructed from engineered thermoplastics.

Quick and Easy to Clean

The new EZ Open latching system allows restaurant operators and workers to simply remove and refit the lid. Removable baffles also provide simplicity and longevity of operation.

Patented Baffle System

The unique design of the patented baffle system means that it cannot be compromised by corrosion.

Versatile Connections

Designed for easy installation in a wide range of settings, the Marley Grease Trap offers versatile connections through the use of Mechanical Joint (SSN) couplings.

Marley Grease Trap Product Dimensions

grease trap dimensions
(0.94 l/sec)
(1.6 l/sec)
(3.2 l/sec)
MGT600 Lo-PRO*
(1.6 l/sec)
A 365mm 600mm 787mm 787mm
B 445mm 445mm 597mm 597mm
C 89mm 89mm 127mm 102mm
D 325mm 325mm 318mm 178mm
E 414mm 414mm 445mm 279mm

Please note: the MGT600 Lo-PRO does not include a solids basket.

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