MEGAFLEX Dragline Hoses - Marley Pipe Systems
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MEGAFLEX Dragline Hoses

Marley MEGAFLEX Dragline Hoses, recognises demands in the agricultural, residential and mining markets for irrigation equipment and hose systems that are truly guaranteed for performance and reliability. Dragline Hoses present a cost-effective, high pressure PVC hose specially designed to provide reliability without compromising on the quality standards expected from a robust hosepipe.


MEGAFLEX Dragline irrigation hoses have a PVC inner liner and outer cover, reinforced with polyester yarn. The registered stripe, exclusive to MEGAFLEX, has been designed in a manner which does not allow the printing to weaken the hose construction. Hoses can be specially embossed to suit customers’ requirements, based on minimum order quantities.


MEGAFLEX Dragline Hoses are available in standard coil lengths of 30m, 36m and 100m and are completely compatible with all existing hose fittings on the market.


Features & Benefits of the MEGAFLEX Dragline PVC Hoses

  • Excellent Abrasion and Cut Resistance – Longer service life.
  • Fluted Outer Surface – Reduced drag resistance
  • Good Flexibility – Easy handling
  • Service Temperatures (10° – 60°) – Variety of application conditions
  • Longitudinally Reinforced – Minimal stretching
  • UV Stabilised – No degradation
  • Cleary Marked – Traceability of quality
  • SANS 271 Approved – Only 1779 Heavy Duty Dragline Hose

MEGAFLEX Dragline Hose Range


Standard Duty

Nominal Internal Diameter (mm) 12 20
Pressure (kPa)
Working 875 800
Burst 3 500 3 200
Mass Per Metre (g) (nominal) 155 302



Medium Duty

Nominal Internal Diameter (mm) 14 20
Pressure (kPa)
Working 1 000 1 000
Burst 4 000 4 000
Mass Per Metre (g) (nominal) 280 358


MEGAFLEX Dragline Hose Product Matrix

Product Code
Hose Diameter – 20mm
Coil Length – 30m
Coil Length – 36m
Coil Length – 100m
I772020036 Medium Duty X X
I772020100 Medium Duty X X
I779020030 Heavy Duty
(SANS 271)
I779020100 Heavy Duty
(SANS 271)