About Marley Pipe Systems - Marley Pipe Systems
Marley Pipe Systems is a plastic pipe manufacturer that guarantees quality without compromise on our entire product range. With over 50 years of manufacturing experience in the plastic pipe industry.
plastic pipe manufacturer
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About Marley Pipe Systems

About Marley Pipe Systems

Marley Pipe Systems, is part of the Aliaxis worldwide group of companies . In Southern Africa we are recognised as the trusted name in fluid handling solutions, with our offering of an extensive range of pipes, fittings and related products.


For the past 5 decades we have set the standard to both the plumbing and building industries in respect to legislative compliance, product support, quality assurance and customer service.


Marley Pipe Systems is a dynamic company with integrity that partners with our clients, suppliers and employees. Our goal is in the consistent supply of a high quality comprehensive product range which is coupled with the pride we invest in our high levels of customer service and legislative compliance, all backed by a solid product support structure.  To further assist us in driving the Marley Pipe Systems brand we partner with our clients in offering a comprehensive merchandising solution throughout the Southern African region.


The combination of all these factors , makes us your ideal ‘’VALUE PARTNER” with the trust and belief that together we can grow and be successful .