Marley Pipe Systems is a proud SAPPMA member - Marley Pipe Systems
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Marley Pipe Systems is a proud SAPPMA member

Marley Pipe Systems is a proud SAPPMA member

Recently SAPPMA sent an industry letter out to companies to highlight the importance of knowing who the members belonging to SAPPMA are.

Due to an increase in the number of companies claiming to be members of SAPPMA, Marley Pipe Systems would like to remind our clients that we are registered with SAPPMA and support their initiative to create absolute confidence in the plastic pipe industry through being subjected to announced and unannounced factory audits to ensure that we comply with the association’s Articles of Association and Codes of Conduct.

As a SAPPMA member, we have permission to display their logo on our pipes, our website and any other marketing material.

If you would like to confirm that Marley Pipe Systems is in fact a member SAPPMA, they frequently update the members list on their website with the member’s logo and contact details.

Marley Pipe Systems continues to strive for excellence in the manufacturing of quality pipe systems and therefore proudly displays the SAPPMA logo on our pipes.

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