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Product Installation Training

Empowering the industry towards better product installations

Marley is a company that prides itself on nothing but quality – not only in the products that we manufacture but also the very integrity of the product installations in various industries.  As a result, Marley now offers focussed product installation training and technical support for plumbers and merchants to ensure best practice assembly and installation.


“At Marley, we believe that if we can positively impact rural and urban communities, we have done our job. It’s not just about manufacturing a product anymore, it’s about making sure that there is access to quality water and that waste is removed efficiently, ensuring a better quality of life for all.


We recognise this as our responsibility and our commitment.” – Brett Kimber, Marley MD


We aim to foster the right skills by providing certificate courses on a number of topics which will benefit not only merchants, plumbers and installers but also our future engineers. Our support ranges from videos on installation best practices which is also available to the public to more in-depth training which can be provided on-site, in-store or in a classroom environment at the level required.

Technical Training Courses

Marley offers product overview and advanced technical training on the following topics:

  • Drainage Systems
  • Gutter Systems
  • Hot & Cold Water Systems

A comprehensive Training Guide has been developed which will be provided to each learner. This ensures systematic coverage and a consistent approach in the training that we provide across the board.


In addition to this guide, Marley also has a full training tool kit that includes video aids, physical products for demonstration purposes, posters and training presentations to ensure that we match the appropriate resources to the level of trainee and for their specific application, whether they require product knowledge or installation insight.