PVC Waste Traps | White Waste Traps | Marley Black Waste Traps
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Waste Traps

PVC Waste Traps

Marley PVC waste traps are renowned for ease of use and functionality.  The range includes White Waste Traps (EasyTrap Waste Traps) which is Agrement Approved (Cert No. 96/241).


Manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Marley’s range of Waste Traps will provide many years of use under normal operating conditions.  This allows for a certain amount of flexibility where the outlet from the basin, bath or sink does not line up with the pipework.  Simply slip the ends over the connection points and tighten the clamps.  No solvent welding, no troublesome clips, no hassle and no wasted time.


The Double Sink Combo unit is made so as to accommodate unusual distances between outlets.  Simply cut the lateral section and extend with standard PVC waste pipe and the extra clips provided.

Features & Benefits of Marley PVC Waste Traps

Flexible & longer lasting

Smooth white finish

No wasted time

Quick and easy to install

Available in plain and re-seal

White and black waste traps available

Easy to clean


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