Fascia & Barge - Marley Pipe Systems
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Fascia and Barge Boards

Marley fascia and barge boards are made from superior formulated PVC-U foam utilising the latest technology. The molecular structure of the board’s core makes it extremely lightweight yet surprisingly tough, whilst the outer skin of the board provides rigidity, durability and a high-quality maintenance-free finish. Not only do these boards provide a functional finish but they also add visual impact to the building.


The Marley PVC foam fascia and barge board complete system compliments the Marley gutter system and is manufactured for use in external rainwater systems.


Superior in many ways to traditional materials such as wood and fibre cement, Marley’s fascia and barge boards offer many advantages.

Marley Fascia and Barge

Features & Benefits of Marley PVC-U Fascia and Barge Boards

  • Lightweight cellular construction makes for easier, quicker and safer installation
  • Rigid PVC outer skin results in high impact resistance
  • Titanium treated surface means UV stability offering Ultra Violet Protection
  • Colourfast appearance
  • Flat surface with a thick top layer and high gloss need never be painted
  • Maintenance free design means easy cleaning with warm soapy water
  • Material is resistant to insects and vermin and cannot rot
  • Fascia and barge boards are non-flammable and will therefore not support combustion
  • Attractive profiles add style to your home
  • Cellular structure absorbs expansion in extreme heat, minimising expansion allowances
  • Solid fascia board structure will support gutter brackets
  • Solid brass screws and cover caps allow for corrosion-free installation with a professional finish
  • No special tools required to install
  • A simple instruction sheet can be peeled off post installation
  • UV inhibitors offering Ultra Violet protection
  • Extruded in long lengths to assist with easy installation
  • Easy to transport due to light weight
  • No water absorption