Petroplas Polyethylene Pipe System | PE Pipe System
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Petroplas Polyethylene Pipe


The Petroplas polyethylene pipe is a high performance pipe system designed specifically for the transfer of fuels in dispensing facilities and commercial installations, and the handling of effluents in a chemically aggressive or eco-sensitive environment. The system has been perfected to satisfy growing environmental concerns and in particular, to protect groundwater against contamination often associated with corroded and leaking steel pipe systems.


The system may be implemented as an integral primary/secondary containment pipe system and, through a series of sumps, nitrile rubber or electro-fused entry boots and electro-fused Petroplas polyethylene pipe sections, designers are able to maintain accessibility to primary carrier joints throughout installations for service and/or inspection purposes.


For the upgrading of existing facilities and all new installations, Petroplas offers ease of handling and installation. The polyethylene pipe system is flexible and site restrictions are easily overcome without excessive joining. Petroplas pipe is supplied in coils or sticks; where coils have the added advantage of allowing the placement of pipelines with minimal joints.


Petroplas pipe sections are joined using the FRIATEC® electrofusion weld process ensuring safe, efficient processing and maximum joint integrity with error reporting. The FRIATEC® system offers a complete range of FRIALEN® Safety Fittings with a transition to metal systems, dedicated FRIAMAT® ancillary fusion-weld equipment and FRIATOOL®technical equipment for the efficient preparation of all joints to be electro-fused.

Features & Benefits of Petroplas

  • Sustainable – Petroplas pipe has a 30-year design life and is easily recycled
  • Quality – Petroplas is manufactured in an SABS ISO9001:2008 accredited facility
  • Safe – Petroplas co-axial pipe is resistant to permeation, corrosion and designed with a dual containment system.
  • Versatile – The Petroplas system has quick permanent joints, is robust and easy to use
  • Fit-for-Purpose – Petroplas has dimensional stability and is a smooth bore pipe with minimal frictional resistance to fuel and vapour flow
  • Durable – Petroplas systems are supplied with a 15 year warranty