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As the leaders in the manufacturer of HDPE pipe systems in South Africa, Marley Pipe Systems continues to add value in the mining sector through solutions that meet the performance as well as health and safety demands of Africa’s rapidly evolving mines. The MEGATUFF Vent Pipe System has been specially developed to provide a complete solution for mine ventilation systems in the control of health hazards associated with harmful atmospheric conditions in underground mines.

Manufactured from the highest quality HDPE materials, MEGATUFF Vent Pipe combines strength and durability with flexibility and ease of installation for a fit-for-purpose solution that can be manufactured to your specific requirements and in compliance with rigorous health and safety requirements.

The MEGATUFF Vent Pipe System includes:

  • MEGATUFF HDPE Vent Pipe 315mm OD with lengths availble ranging from 1 - 1.2m
  • Bends of various radii
  • Tees
  • End Caps
  • Adaptors
  • Y Pieces
  • Junctions
  • Manifolds

Features & Benefits of MEGATUFF Vent Pipe

Ease of Installation

HDPE is light in weight, making it easy to transport and handle on site, and reducing the need for heavy lifting equipment. In addition, the ease and low frequency of jointing means that the MEGATUFF Vent Pipe System can be easily dismantled for reuse.

Improved Blast Resistance

The MEGATUFF Vent Pipe System is designed to provide improved blast resistance capacity in order to enhance worker safety in the event of an emergency.

Ease of Suspension

The flexibility and light weight of the MEGATUFF Vent Pipe System mean that pipes can be easily suspended without the need for additional support.

Flush Fittings

The MEGATUFF Vent Pipe System makes use of flush fittings which are completely concealed to prevent damage and movement of the pipe.

Minimal Leakages

As a result of reduced joint frequency, the possibility of leakage is greatly reduced.

Ease of Repair

Compared to other pressure pipe materials, HDPE pipe is easy to repair and maintain, and offers a an extended wear life.

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Marley Building Division
t. +27 11 739 8600
f. +27 11 739 8680

Marley Mining & Industrial Division
t. 0861 MARLEY (627539)
t. +27 12 045 0997
t. +27 83 282 3238 (HDPE/Weholite)


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