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Marley has become recognised in the industry as one of the leading HDPE manufacturers, supplying our high quality MEGATUFF HDPE PE100 Pipe range for successful use in a variety of applications in multiple industry sectors.

Over the years, PE100 materials have become recognised as the preferred choice to solve key industry challenges such as corrosion issues and high leakage rates - offering a new generation of leak proof, maintenance free and energy efficient pipeline systems.

MEGATUFF HDPE Pipe is tough, has a 100 year design life and, because of the good chemical and abrasion resistant properties, they are rapidly growing as the preferred material for  the mining industry, including pipeline lining and relining, slurry applications and for use in Dolomite areas as well as for water reticulation, and sewer and stormwater systems.

MEGATUFF HDPE Pipe systems are manufactured to, and carry the SABS mark of trusted quality for SANS ISO 4427 and are available in diameters from 16mm up to 1000mm, in pressure ranges from PN2.5 to PN25 in PE100.

MEGATUFF HDPE Pipe is designed and manufactured to meet the harsh climate related requirements in Africa, making them suitable for most applications. One of the most prominent features of HDPE pipe is the fact that a wide variety of jointing systems are available to suit the application and installation method, both new and existing. Marley also supplies a comprehensive range of fabricated HDPE fittings for pressure applications for a complete pipe solution. Click here to find out more 

Applications of MEGATUFF HDPE Pipe

HDPE for Mining

MEGATUFF HDPE Pipe can be used for a variety of above and below ground installations in mining operations, including water transfer, coal washing, treatment and recovery of mining minerals as well as slurry lines to convey suspended solid matter in quarries.

HDPE for Industrial

As a result of its corrosion and abrasion resistant properties, MEGATUFF HDPE Pipe is ideal for transporting aggressive fluids in applications such as sewer effluent control and water purification, gas distribution (up to 10 bar) and the conveyance of chemicals and hazardous waste in industrial plants.

HDPE for Civils

MEGATUFF HDPE Pipe is widely used in water mains and reticulation systems in municipal applications as well as for gas distribution, sewerage, effluent and wastewater.

HDPE for Agriculture

MEGATUFF HDPE Pipe are specified for use in irrigation systems and water supply schemes to provide high performance and a long life expectancy.

Trenchless Technology

The installation of MEGATUFF HDPE Pipe using trenchless technology is rapidly growing as a preferred method of rehabilitating pipelines in the construction and civil engineering space because of the many benefits it presents in terms of cost-effectiveness, minimised environmental impact and safer procedures.

Features & Benefits of HDPE Pipe

High impact strength

The high impact strength of MEGATUFF HDPE Pipes compared with other plastic materials ensures a greater resistance to the rigours of pipe laying conditions.

Damage Resistance

MEGATUFF HDPE Pipe has low notch sensitivity, providing a high level of resistance to the effects of external damage which is especially important for pipe bursting operations and other applications where there is a likelihood of such damage.

Ease of Installation

Because of their light weight and long lengths, MEGATUFF HDPE Pipe is easy to install. Polyethylene coiled pipes are widely used in applications such as stock watering, irrigation systems, communication, gas and reticulated water mains due to rapid installation and the ease and low frequency of jointing.

High Flow Capacity

MEGATUFF HDPE Pipes have lower friction factors than most non-plastic materials. The surface energy characteristics of HDPE ensure that material deposition is inhibited and the smooth bore characteristic is maintained over the working life of the pipeline.

Long Life

MEGATUFF HDPE Pipes have a proven high reliability record across a wide range of industries and applications for a period of nearly 50 years. HDPE also provides a long maintenance-free lifetime with low whole life costs, compared to many other materials.

Trenchless Construction

MEGATUFF HDPE Pipes offer many advantages in slip lining, pipe bursting, directional drilling and micro-tunnelling, including features such as long lengths, corrosion resistance, light weight and ease of installation with minimal disruption.

Good Chemical Resistance

Outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemical reagents allows the use of polyethylene systems in applications such as tailings pipelines and chemical treatment applications used in mining operations.


MEGATUFF HDPE Pipe is flexible and can be bent to a minimum bending radius of 30 times the pipe’s outside diameter. This flexibility is critical in applications such as submarine pipelines, mine subsidence and earthquake prone areas. The inherent resiliency and flexibility of HDPE pipe allows it to absorb surge pressures, vibration and stresses caused by soil movement

Good Abrasion Resistance

Excellent abrasion resistance means that MEGATUFF HDPE Pipes can provide long life in abrasive slurry applications, mostly outlasting other pipe materials such as mild steel and rubber lined steel

Good UV Resistance

The inclusion of carbon black in the raw material means that MEGATUFF HDPE Pipes are stabilised against ultra violet (UV) light degradation. Black HDPE pipes are therefore suitable for installation where pipes are exposed to direct sunlight.


MEGATUFF HDPE Pipe is cost effective, providing value over time.

Case Studies

ubuntu   leadwood richards-bay-minerals
Ubuntu Plastics Leadwood Big Game Estate Richards Bay Minerals
 angola-cunene  mainline-civil  mainline-mocke
Angola Cunene Water Project Mainline Civil Engineering Mocke Construction

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