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Promoting safe, sustainable pipeline construction solutions for the upgrade, extension and development of infrastructure on dolomitic land

Studies conducted by various departments within the engineering sector in collaboration with the National Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Association of Engineering Geologists, indicate that 25% of Gauteng – the commercial mining and manufacturing centre of South Africa – is located on dolomite-based land. These areas pose a huge health and safety risk as a result of sinkholes caused by leaking pipes and the damming of water.

Recognising the need to mitigate this risk and ensure that infrastructure that currently exists on these areas remain stable, minimum requirements and standards for infrastructure development on dolomite were launched in October 2012. Since then, the DPW have been rolling out projects to replace existing services in these areas, including steel, PVC, concrete, AC, telecommunications with HDPE welded systems.

Marley Pipe Systems was chosen as the primary supplier of welded Weholite Structured Wall as well as Solid-Wall HDPE Pipe for these projects due to the proven reliability of the system for upgrading existing services, the superior quality of Marley’s products, and the support and technical advice provided by knowledgeable representatives.

The project was started in March 2014 and to date, Marley has supplied approximately 5300m of Weholite Stormwater Pipe in Stiffness Nominal 8 for installation at the Swartkorps Air Force Base. In total, this particular order was valued at over R8 million.

Characterised by its natural ability to "flex", Weholite pipe is able to adjust to different loading conditions, vibrations, stress and soil movements without causing damage to the pipe, making it a viable alternative to mitigate risk in these areas.

Despite strict quality requirements set out by the DPW in terms of production scheduling, quality inspections, identification and marking of products as well as problems encountered negotiating with existing services all while dealing with tight deadlines, the project is progressing successfully and expected to be completed by end of 2015.

Project Summary

  • Contractor: Bofepi Project Management
  • Order Value: R8 669 995.95
  • Pipe Material: Weholite Structured Wall HDPE Pipe
  • Pipe Supplied: 5300m
  • Pipe Jointing Method: Hot Gas Extrusion Welding

Download the full Swartkops Case Study

swartkops pdf

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