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“Marley’s knowledgeable sales staff provide excellent advice, their support is always available, and they provide the level of service that Fraser Alexander is looking for and have come to expect from a supplier.”
– Craig Walters, Business Unit Manager – WBU

Mining giant Fraser Alexander, specialising in the operation and maintenance of tailings dams and the construction of tailings pipelines, has forged a strong working relationship that spans well over a decade with Marley Pipe Systems.

Over the years, Marley has been consistently supplying Fraser Alexander with quality products for numerous slurry pumping and water systems projects, big and small, throughout South Africa. Some of the high profile projects where the two companies have worked closely together to ensure their successful completion include the Lanxess chrome mine in Rustenberg and the Booysendal platinum mine as well as the Daggafontein and Carletonville tailings dam reclamations, amongst a score of others.

Most noteworthy however, was the conversion of the Ergo Brakpan tailings dam, by far the biggest and most unique mining project that South Africa has seen. The project, which was awarded to Fraser Alexander by DRDGold, involved the construction of the longest known tailings pipeline for gold slurry, spanning an extensive 50km using Marley’s quality HDPE liner pipes and the revolutionary new Sureline™ technology.

Craig Walters, Business Unit Manager – WBU at Fraser Alexander, gave Marley his vote of confidence, saying that: “They have never disappointed us and are always willing to assist, even when we are faced with challenges”. According to Gustav Rogge of Fraser Construction, “Marley provides us with competitive pricing and good response, which is so important to the mining industry these days”.

The partnership between these two heavyweights will continue to allow Fraser Alexander to provide quality material and streamlined completion for their projects as time goes on, lending a huge advantage to the mining industry to keep on delivering at the highest level of standards and performance.

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