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In the past, problems caused by aged and damaged sewer and stormwater lines meant digging up and repairing or replacing each section of pipe that needed attention. Completing repairs this way is labour-intensive and costly, not to mention destruction to the surrounding landscape. Now, thanks to modern pipeline trenchless rehabilitation technologies like HDPE pipe lining repair and pipe bursting, we have a cost-effective and more sustainable way to go about repairing pipelines.

Pipe Lining vs. Pipe Bursting

When it comes to trenchless technology, there are many different methods to choose from, the most common of which is pipe lining or pipe bursting.

Pipe Lining: This involves pulling or inverting a new HDPE liner into an existing pipe, then applying heat and/or pressure to force the liner to expand and fill the pipe.

Pipe Bursting: This involves fracturing a pipe from the inside and forcing the fragments outwards while a new pipe is drawn in to replace the old pipe

4 Benefits of Trenchless Technology

  1. Saves Time and is More Convenient: Traditional digging methods take substantially longer than using trenchless technologies, making it more convenient and quicker to resolve problems associated with damaged pipelines.
  2. Saves Money: Using trenchless technology is less expensive because structural modification (i.e. taking out walls) is not required and less technicians are needed to complete the job faster. In addition, no heavy equipment is necessary, which in turn also reduces clean-up costs.
  3. A Less Intrusive and Environmentally Friendly Alternative: No digging means minimal ecological damage as it eliminates the need to dig up the earth and affect surrounding landscapes.
  4. More Durability with HDPE Liners: The use of an HDPE pipe liner in trenchless technology helps to protect the pipeline with greater resistance, adding more durability and prevent further leakage and damage to the pipe.

The installation of MEGATUFF HDPE Pipe using trenchless technology is rapidly growing as a preferred method of rehabilitating pipelines in the construction and civil engineering space because of the many benefits it presents in terms of cost-effectiveness, minimised environmental impact and safer procedures.

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